Batch 1 – Diploma in “Community Mental Health” for Doctors

Batch 1 (August to October)

Course Objectives: On course completion, the participants should be able to:

(CMD: Common Mental Disorders, SUD: Substance use disorders (Alcohol and Nicotine), SMD: Severe Mental Disorders

During the Learning Process

Duration : 3 months


Duration Self-paced  e- Learning (video, ppt, reading) Interactive Video conferencing mobile app at VKN platform Assessment


Time in Hours 20 10 6

Implementation:  Digital Learning

Self-paced e-learning (Anytime) + Interactive Face to face interactive Virtual sessions through VKN NIMHANS (Real Time) supported by  Audience response system ( + WhatsApp educational group + Accreditation


Modules Anytime: Topics Self-paced e-learning : 20 hrs

Google Classroom mobile app

LIVE and Real-time:

Interactive VKN multipoint mobile  app video conference  (fortnightly): 10 hrs 

1st and 3rd Saturday at 2.30 PM

Focus Knowledge dissemination

Skill acquisition by Case Demonstration and Presentation by participants as well as NIMHANS

Module 1: 4 hrs
General video


  1. Mental wellness and Illness and resilience  part
  2. General principles of care
  3. Signs and symptoms, and screening for mental disorders
  4. History taking
  5. Mental status examination

Assignment 1

  • Assessment
  • Communication skills
  • Q&A
Module 2a: 4 hrs
Common Mental Disorders

  1. Depression an overview
  2. Assessment
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Antidepressant Medications: Initiation and Maintenance
  5. Non-pharmacological: Education, stressor, & social network
  6. Suicide & self harm

Assignment  2a

  • Choosing appropriate Antidepressant
  • Suicide and Self harm
  • Q&A
Module 2b: 4 hrs
Common Mental Disorders
  1. Diagnosis of Anxiety disorders
  2. Panic Disorder
  3. Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  4. Anti-Anxiety medications
  5. Relaxation therapy

Assignment 2b

  • Yoga
  • Counselling tips for stress reduction
  • Q&A
Module 3: 4 hrs
Alcohol use disorders
  1. Screening for Abuse and Addiction
  2. Withdrawal symptoms
  3. Anti-craving medications
  4. Brief counselling

Assignment 3

  • Managing Withdrawal
  • Preventing Relapses
  • Q&A
Module 4: 4 hrs
Severe Mental Disorders
  1. Overview
  2. Screening & Diagnosis
  3. Antipsychotic medications
  4. Psychoeducation for family

Assignment 4

  • Antipsychotics
  • Prognosis
  • Q&A

Accreditation  and Certification


Criteria for Completion

The following criteria are to be fulfilled to be eligible for the award of Certificate (in a cycle of 3 months).  

More than 80% completion of the Self-paced digital learning module Six Assignments (as measured by the learning software) + > 80% participation in the fortnight multi-point video based interactive  case discussion (as measured by the software and your video presence) + One case presentation by the participants during the fortnight tele-clinics (multipoint video conference) and One case Submission + > 80% in the final accreditation +  monthly reports of the patients evaluated for Mental health in a prescribed proforma (before 5th of every month) + Pre and post assessment on knowledge and self-efficacy.

Assignments will be problem based, clinically relevant case scenarios, multiple answer questions, short notes, long essays, etc.

Course Fee and Number of Attempts

Each assignment has ONE attempt to clear (>80%) in a course cycle of three months. A part of the assignment  may undergo peer-review also.

Each Assignment has to be completed in three days after being assigned, without this completion (>80%) you can not  access next Module.

Each cycle of course is 3 months duration of 40 to 50 participants. There is no entry at the mid of the  training cycle.


The following is a certificate template for demonstration purpose


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