Friday Virtual Clinic for NIMHANS Digital Academy-Virtual Knowledge Network Accredited Doctors and Other Health Providers

To be used for Non-Emergency cases

The Accreditated doctors, Psychologist, Nurses, Social work and Counsellors can send the case summary by filling up this form (LINK E-consult) and email to econsult@vknnimhans.in anytime in a week. They can also send a small video clip if they wish also. The E-Consult team will call back on subsequent Friday between 9AM to 5PM and take the case for the one to one discussion.  

This facility of handholding will be continued for One year and will be reviewed after that.

email: econsult@vknnimhans.in

Psychiatrist: Dr Sumit DNB, Dr Bhavya MD (General Adult Psychiatry), Dr Prabhat Chand MD, DNB (Addiction)

Psychiatry Social work: Ms Karishma, MPhil and Dr Aravind

Psychology: Ms Simran and Dr Aruna

Nurses: Dr Radhakrishnan

Your Team lead will be the First line of Contact. All the case summary to be  sent  to econsult@vknnimhans.in 

Steps of E-Consult

For Accredited  NIMHANS Digital Academy Health providers

  1. Fill the E-Consult Form + recorded video clip
  2. mail to econsult@vknnnimhans.in + WP the video clip to 9480829844
  3. Provide your contact mobile phone and email
  4. Friday: Our team will call you and discuss one to one

                                            PDF copy: LINK